Diego  Maia

Diego Maia

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First Name * Diego
Last Name * Maia
Username * diegomaia
Country * Brazil
City Rio de Janeiro
Nationality Brazilian
Languages PortugueseEnglish


Current Position 3D Artist
Areas of Expertise ModelingSculptingTopologyTexturingRenderGameArt


Availability: Full time
Website diegomaia3d.com


I’m a 3D Artist from Rio de Janeiro Brazil ,I have always been very passionate about GAMES , movies , animations and a lot of things which involve digital arts

I started by taking art seriously with a lot of courses on the internet and a lot of practice too, practice should never be forgotten !

Since the beginning, I have been pushing myself into doing more and more, by searching more references from other artists , from traditional art , BOOKS , courses and studying even more ,

In the past I worked as a 3D artist generalist, producing models for render , real-time engines and applications , currently my work is dedicated to 3D character art for all sort of things.

The process of my works actually includes :

Modeling/Sculpting – Maya and Zbrush

Retopology – Topogun and Maya

UV Mapping – Maya and Uv Layout

Textures – Zbrush , Photoshop and Quixel Suite

Shading/Lightning/Render – Marmoset Toolbag and V-ray

Composing – Photoshop

Game Engine – Unity


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